Thursday, February 26, 2015

One Piece Chapter 779 - Bartolomeo cries for Usopp’s safety

Pica fought Zoro to a stalemate as one of the longest fight in Dressrosa. You can get the early one piece 779 spoilers of the manga every Wednesday while the one piece manga 779 scanlation version were out on Wednesday.
one piece manga 779

The humans on surface finds a Poneglyph inside the ruins and brings it to Jinbe’s attention! Pica makes his way towards King Riku, but Kyros has no means of stopping it. Barto cries for Usopp’s safety, and Elizabello readies his King Punch. Zoro tells Elizabello to save his King Punch for later… and to wait 2 more minutes. He calls for Oorumbus (calls him “Director*” instead of Admiral by mistake) King Riku tells people to evacuate, and yells at Pica, trying to draw attention. I’m the one you want, I’m right here! Pica tells Riku that he is not a king, nor is he fit to be one.

Your pathetic pacifism cannot protect a nation. A nation is about power. You must have the power to obliterate your enemies to protect the nation. Riku admits he is unfit for a king, and that he has no desire to return to the throne. But he says he is a human being. If murder must be done, I rather choose death. There is no future for a murderous nation. Pica tells him that is why no good men leaves his name in history.. because they die, just like you! Pica reaches out to Riku and others, with his massive hands the size of a city… *Zoro calls Oorumbus Kantoku as in “Director”, but in baseball it’s “coach” Coach may be a more fitting translation as Oorumbus DOES indeed throw Zoro like a baseball lol.

Bleach 618 Raw - God of Soul Society

Its definite that Aizen tricked Shunsui into releasing him totally hence he said you still have two keys, bleach fans should watch out for the bleach 618 spoiler and keep coming here to check the latest bleach 618 chapter scans.
bleach 618 spoiler
hopefully Kubo won't do something stupid and get him killed in one shot. the other possibility is that the keys aren't even holding him back anymore, he's simply in isolation for his own enjoyment, prolly mediating internally and has gained godly powers. In one case when Ywach offered him a position in their army as a Special War Power ,he refused but he screwed up Ywach's sense of time and lost his track of time during the meeting.

This proves that Ywach's eyes will not work that well against Aizen for even his zanpanktou is perfect here, its an illusion zanpanktou and possibly beyond illusions he may not be able to create a new reality and imaginative power. They do say the mind is the most powerful sword in the world and his zanpanktou is indicative of that. Truly as long as kubo doesn't mess this up Aizen might actually be Ywach's killer. The other problem is that Ichigo will have a role to play here.

Now the question is that Aizen I think foresaw his ability to now become the next God of soul society. Aizen from the manga's history, he's rarely fought if at all and only close to the end of his regime in other cases he's happily been using his brain to solve problems, so I believe this time Aizen will do little fighting if any and will use all his pawns to get the job done so he will be become GOD. Most likely ichigo and ywach will get into a brawl and Aizen like god will happily and rejoicngly watch and then at the right moment seize an opportunity and become the GOD of soul society himself with Ywach then killed by Aizen as a final headshot or by ichigo. I then presume ichigo might become Aizen's new guardian and actually will be serving Aizen.

No one but Aizen currently has the ability to become GOD at this point anymore.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bleach Chapter 617 - Gotei Captain Squad

Bleach 617 English scans is out. bleach Chapter 617 of the bleach Manga will be available for online reading. For news release and updates, please subscribe our RSS feeds or follow our Twitter. Enjoy the release!

Bleach manga 617

That's a flawed logic. Why did yama go with his entire gotei captain Squad to face aizen even though he was stronger? Why did aizen come with the top espada and gin/tousen when he is stronger? Why did urahara employ the forces of the vizards when he is stronger? Its simply because at war, you make use of all at your disposal to win. Aizen is an asset no doubt, he is tremendously powerful but that overwhelming power he had over the gotei doesn't exist anymore.

Back at FKT arc, isshin could go toe to toe with aizen. Kubo apparently said in an interview that bankai kyoraku could have won aizen. Thing is, if we are talking base aizen, then yes byakuya and zaraki can defeat him especially since he doesn't have KS again.
I'm referring to base aizen from Fkt arc. As far as we know, he lost KS and the powers from the hogyoku.

He is strong enough for both sides to want to recruit him to help. Kyoraku is playing all his cards. He practically sacrificed unohana to unleash zaraki's full potential. Why then would he leave aizen when he could help out?

First, aizen fought a weakened gotei that had been fighting prior. Secondly, aizen did not fight ukitake, unohana, byakuya, kenpachi, mayuri. That's almost half of the gotei captains. The ones he fought had already been fighting other opponents and had received injuries and ofcourse he did not defeat yama. Its certainly not single handed when he had his top 3 espada/other arrancars and tousen weaken the gotei first