Monday, March 30, 2015

Bleach 622 - Aizen's Betrayal

Watch out for the bleach chapter 622 Spoilers. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming bleach 622 Spoilers. You can also do your own prediction right here for the upcoming bleach 622. The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the bleach 622 will be posted here soon. We are still looking for sources so just visit us again here.
bleach manga 622
those black things somehow reminded me of "father" from fullmetal alchemist. besides that i wonder what was the darkness that juha sent at the beginning of the chapter. i also wonder that are could all those dark creatures and the darkness be used by ichibei. if he can manipulate them his power would increase very much,but not as much as being any threat for juha bach. at least he can power use this power against elite guards to blot them in black and depower them. Well this chapter is kind of strange , Juha Bach has now absorbed the power from mimihagi, which I think will be used by Juha Bach to increase his power, since the creatures will consume any non quincy souls and transfer the reiatsu back to Juha Bach like a pump in order to increase his power level (well he has to fight Ichigo and lose like a biiatch).
Anyways, the demise of Juha Bach will be similar to that of father in FMA, and Juha Bach will revert to his baby form and die like dust in the wind is blown apart like Ulquiorra.

His plan seems to involve using Aizen and I'm pretty sure Aizen will find a way to get free and betray them. His betrayal probably won't be like him trying to kill them all of a sudden but probably more along the lines of going for his own ambitions, which they probably won't agree with. But he probably will be the lesser of two evils compared to Bach.  Wait for the update for bleach Chapter 622 Spoilers . Read more: bleach 622 | bleach chapter 622 Spoilers

Saturday, March 28, 2015

One Piece 782 - Trebol and Doflamingo Versus Luffy

One Piece 782 I wonder what this plan is, they had gone over it before it seems. Was luffy remembering something it or law was actually talking to luffy then? Then maybe he should start taking care of himself more. One Piece, his creation is already a huge franchise that is bigger than him. If his health drops, he's also dropping a multi-million franchise along with him.

one piece 782 manga

I think Bellamy is going to be the one to fight trebol. If you think about it zoro is too far, Oda made zoro run around to make sure he wasn't involved. Sabo is too strong of a character to fight trebol, it would hold no meaning. Now if you think about it who's close enough? Robin has a chance, kyros is out of picture because he is too injured and refused to be healed! Luffy greatest skill is making friends in the any situation that's what helped him in the coliseum (Sabo showing up and ruin doffy plans). Now the one person doffy threw away will come back to haunt him. How you might ask? Well mansherry of course. There group is the closest. They will head towards the battle but to get there first they must pass Bellamy. Remember doffy released him and still Bellamy carried out his mission but failed. If you think about it strength wise Bellamy is close to the strength of trebol without being overkill. Law is too powerful to fight trebol, even if he was completely heal and it will be a waste. Law job is to witness luffy fight for him so that later in the major war he would come to help luffy in his time of need.